Delft is a charming old city of 100,000 inhabitants. The beautiful city centre with its canals, markets, famous monuments and museums make it one of Holland's most attractive cities. Entrepreneurs, scientists, students and tourists all meet in the city's many restaurants and cafes today, as they have done for centuries. That is why Delft is a breeding ground for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. William of Orange, Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Johannes Vermeer and Reinier de Graaf are all icons whose work established Delft's excellent international reputation.                                       

Despite its rich heritage, Delft has its sights firmly set on the future. Making history the Delft way means pushing the envelope, technologically and culturally. The city boasts leading knowledge institutions like TNO and the Delft University of Technology, well-known museums, and interesting galleries. There are also the much-loved back streets and the intimate, tree-lined squares with their lively terraces bursting with atmosphere, making Delft's historic city centre a favourite haunt for visitors and the city's highly educated, internationally oriented inhabitants alike.


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