Accompanying persons programme

Accompanying persons and guests can register for the conference with access to the Welcome Reception and the Conference Dinner (note that this does not include access to the scientific sessions/coffee breaks/lunches. In addition, a selection of touristic activities has been put together that can be selected at additional cost. There are several activities in Delft, which can be booked individually (these are not delivered by us); for the tour to The Hague and Rotterdam, we need a minimum number of participants. We reserve the right to cancel the tours if not enough participants are registered.

Historical City Walk Delft

Price € 7,50 p.p.

This guided tour will give you a first impression of Delft and various aspects of Dutch history in general. Delft is well-known for its canals, historical buildings, churches, famous inhabitants, and above all Delft Blue!

The history of the beautiful city of Delft dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1246 Delft got city rights. This meant a lot to the citizens. Delft grew and became, economically, one of the most important cities in Holland. In the Middle Ages, two famous churches were built in Delft, and both can still be admired. The Old Chuch is famous for its stained glass windows and the New Church for the Dutch Royal burial vault and the mausoleum of William of Orange.

William of Orange, known as the father of our fatherland, chose Delft as his residence. You can still admire this place in Delft.

In the 17th century, the Dutch Golden Age, the Dutch East India Company, opened one of its offices in Delft. Ships sailed from Delfts Haven to the east and contributed to the start of the famous Delft Blue ware industry.

Delft was home to several master painters, of whom Johannes Vermeer is the most famous. The church where he was baptized, the place where he lived and the church where he was buried can all be seen.

Tile painting workshop

Price € 34,50 p.p.

Royal Delft, is the last remaining original Delft Blue factory from the 17th century in Delft that still hand-makes Delft Blue according to centuries-old tradition. Discover the history, craftsmanship, and innovation of this royal company during a visit. 

Paint your own Delft blue tile during this workshop. Need some inspiration for the decoration? You can choose a Royal Delft design or if you have enough ideas you can create your own design! We use the traditional black paint that turns blue when fired.  After about 5-12 workdays you can collect your tile or we can ship it to your home address. Shipping costs are not yet included in the price.

TU Delft Campus Tour

Price € 0 p.p. - Free

Explore the TU Delft campus with an innovative self-guided tour full of gamification. We created 30 mini-challenges spread across the campus. There is no need to download an app because the whole tour is web-based. Based on your GPS position, you can see where you are on your phone and what the nearest faculty or point of interest is. You decide where you go and how long you want to stay.

Canal Cruises Delft

Price € 12,50 p.p.

Historic Delft is best explored and viewed from its centuries-old system of canals. Our experienced team of captains and guides will gladly show you Delft and tell you enthusiastically about the picturesque city. The patriotic history, the beautiful old town center, Delft Blue, Johannes Vermeer, the East-Indian Trading Company, and much more will be discussed during the canal cruise.

The boats leave every full hour between 11:00 and 17:00 hours.   Other departures are also possible on request. 

To make a reservation you can call, email, or book directly via the yellow button on this website.

The tours above in Delft can be booked by yourself individually via the websites of the companies above.

Day 1 - The Hague
Mauritshuis - The Hague*

Get to know the Mauritshuis in a very personal way: take a tour of the museum with friends, family, or colleagues, accompanied by one of our tour guides.

The tour guides would be happy to tell you more about our paintings. They will point out special details and reveal hidden stories. They will talk about restorations and the jokes that painters sometimes hid in their works. Our tour guides also like to hear what you like, and what you want to know more about and are always happy to adapt their stories.

Day 2 - Rotterdam
Rotterdam: Harbor Cruise and Euromast Entry Ticket*
Relax and see Rotterdam's most spectacular landmarks as you sail down the Maas River on a harbor round cruise with live commentary and a bar with drinks and snacks. Find a place inside the cozy salon or sit on the open deck. Start your cruise from Parkhaven under the Euromast. Pass by the Sint Jobshaven, the Waalhaven, and the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij, home to Onderzeebootloods. Keep an eye out for the massive container ships. See the famous cruise ship SS Rotterdam and Hotel New York. Enjoy the skyline of downtown Rotterdam as you approach one of the most famous city landmarks, the Erasmus Bridge. Experience a relaxing alternative to sightseeing in Rotterdam- a perfect way to see the city free of traffic noise and congestion. After the cruise, receive your ticket to visit the Euromast. Make your way up the glass elevator of the highest watchtower in the Netherlands and enjoy breathing panoramic views from 185 meters up in the air.

* These tours are only organized with sufficient participation. If you want to book this tour, you can indicate this during the participant registration, and we will contact you about the possibilities and prices.

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