Go Green, Go Dutch, Go Bike

If there is anything we can say about Dutch people it is that they love their 'kaas', they love their 'bier', and they love their 'fiets'.
How the Netherlands became a cycling country? find out here!

Be Dutch among the Dutch

Mount your bike and pedal along wine red cycle paths but bear in mind these five basic rules: 
1. Always follow the traffic signs and obey the traffic light 
2. Give right of way to all traffic from the right, including other bikes 
3. Keep to the right 
4. Hand signal a left turn, unless you want to be crushed by a car, truck or bus 
5. Warning: stay away from the tram tracks (your bike wheel has the same dimension and can easily become wedged in).

So, go Dutch during the SEG23 conference!

Almost all the hotels in Delft offer rental bikes for their guests, (based upon availability). 

But if you want to be sure that you have a bike that you like, there is the option to rent a bike from our partner https://www.listnride.com/renting-a-bike.

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