Route information

International flights arrive at Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) or at Rotterdam Airport. Frequent trains operate between Schiphol and Delft. A trip takes about 30 minutes, rental cars are also available.

Slow train Delft Campus, about 13 minutes walk: Take the stairs up the viaduct (Kruithuisweg) and turn left at the top After 600 meters take the stairs on the left down to the Rotterdamseweg At the bottom, turn right (northbound) along the Rotterdamseweg After 500 meters you will see the entrance gate of Glue & Culture on your left. Or with bus line 69 or bus line 174 or bus line 40 from Delft station. Get off at the TU-Mekelpark stop. Exit the Cornelis Drebbelweg At the end turn left onto the Rotterdamseweg After 200m you will see the entrance gate to the Lijm en Cultuur site.

Slow train Delft Zuid, about 13 minutes walk (see description from direction Rotterdam). Or with bus line 69, 174 or 40 from Delft station. Get off at the TU-Mekelpark stop (see description from the direction of Rotterdam).


On the A13, take exit 10 (N470, Delft-Zuid) and follow the direction of TU Delft: 

  • After three-quarters of the roundabout, immediately take the 1st exit TU Delft – Delftech park
  • At the end of the exit, turn left (Schoemakerstraat) in the direction of P Rotterdamseweg.
  • Pass under the viaduct, straight ahead (Uytenbogaartsingel).
  • After 500 meters turn right (Heertjeslaan), and follow signs for Industrieterrein Rotterdamseweg.
  • After 600 meters turn right (Rotterdamseweg).
  • After 1000 metres, turn left onto the Lijm en Cultuur site. 


On the A13 take exit 10 (N470, Delft-Zuid).  Turn right at the traffic lights, TU Delft – Delftech park. See further description from direction Rotterdam.

Plan your journey and check before departure for the most recent timetable.


Getting Around

There is a fast and efficient transport network in Delft which comprises buses, trams, trains and taxis. The buses are clean, comfortable and reliable. If you are staying and travelling around the town for anything more than a day or two it is easier to buy an OV-chipkaart. To use this you just load up the card with funds at a train station or the tourist information or participating hotels and shops and swipe the card at the terminal as you get on and off of the bus. This will automatically deduct the correct amount from your card. if you are only there for the day it is possible to pay the driver or buy tickets from coin machines at the train terminals.

There are only 2 tramlines in Delft, so it is not easy to get lost. If you are going to or from The Hague you will need to catch the number 1 tram that goes through the centre of the town, the journey is very short and in a very brief time, you will arrive at your destination.

Taxis operate at a standard rate that is fixed throughout the country and is clean and well-regulated. You can find them at taxi stands, flag them down on the road, or telephone one of the operating firms to be picked up. Driving is not really easy around Delft as much of the old city is close to cars and parking is expensive. Probably the easiest way to travel around the town is to do like the locals do and go by bicycle. You can hire bikes cheaply in Delft, but you will need some ID and to pay a deposit first.


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